Monday, 11 June 2018

What Gardeners Need To Know About Environmentally Sound Pest Control

Spring is well and truly upon us, and like most of us in the UK, my thoughts are going to gardening. The lawn along with everything else out there is growing fast. And along with the spring flowers are weeds…and pests!

Environmentally Sound Pest Control

The problem is…how o get rid of these nuisances without hurting the planet or your family’s health. Chemical pest control is often harmful to the environment and can be hazardous to other wildlife that may be visiting your garden. The thing about chemicals is that they can affect more than just the insect or weed they are aimed at. Plus…many of the species that can be affected by chemical pest control are actually friendly garden insects.

The good news is it is possible to do effective garden pest control using other measures. And that’s what we’re listing here, courtesy of the expertise of Catch-it Pest Control in London.

  • Natural predators – Encouraging natural predators to the area where pests are in your garden means you can naturally control them. Ladybirds, lacewings, frogs, hedgehogs and birds are brilliant at reducing the number of garden pests like aphids and slugs.
  • Hand picking – Although it is a time consuming job, removing pests by hand can be beneficial to keeping your garden pest free.
  • Water spray – Spraying your plants with water or a light soap solution can sometimes help remove aphids and other similar species.
  • Organic deterrents – Organic based and plant based oils are completely green and also are a natural resistance to pests.
  • Companion planting – If you have vulnerable plants that get attacked often, planting others around those plants that attract predatory insects or can disguise the vulnerable plant will work. The impact pests have on your garden should reduce as pests are less likely to find food off that one plant.
  • Deterrents and barriers – Many garden pests are sensitive to specific things. Slugs for example don’t like copper, and if you put eggshells around plants they don’t like the sharpness of them. Doing this may keep other pest species away as well.

The key thing when implementing pest control in your garden is that you’re not trying to eradicate the pests completely, but rather trying to protect your plants from any serious damage. Many garden pests are considered food to friendlier garden species, so encouraging these will be beneficial in your quest to avoid the use of chemicals.

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