Wednesday, 6 June 2018

10 Home Improvement Jobs That Keep Pests Out

The best way to keep pests out of your home is by making it unfriendly to them. Many homeowners have to resort to professional pest control to handle pest control problems, but this is preventable. The truth is that you may unwillingly be inviting these pests into your home. Something as simple as leaving the bins open at night can cause an issue that is hard to resolve.

To protect your home from the most stubborn of pests, Empire Ltd in London have recommended making these 10 simple home improvements.

#1. Seal the doors – You lock your doors to keep intruders out of your home. So why not seal them against pest intruders too? Unsealed gaps are the perfect opening for pests to enter your home. Fill in this gaps with aluminium or steel as a threshold under the door, and add some weather stripping to the frame. You could even install a door brush.

#2. Fix the windows – The same goeswith windows as it does with doors. They need to be sealed correctly all the way around the outside with the appropriate weather stripping. This will stop pests entering this way. If you havescrees on your windows, it’s important that any tears are fixed as soon as possible.

#3. Maintain the garden – Pests love standing water. So if you have water collecting inbird baths or flower pots, make sure to dump it out. You should also rake up any leaves that may have fallen. Grass clippings and debris needs to be cleaned up and disposed of in the correct bin. These are the places pests love to make their homes.

#4. Repair cracks – Pests can use the tiniest of gaps and cracks outside your home to get in. They may be nearly invisible to the eye, so you may want to call out a pest control company to spot them. Caulk is an inexpensive and effective way to fill in gaps.

#5. Seal around the plumbing – Whenever pipes exit your wall, there may be a gaparound them. Whether the pipes carry gas, water or electricity, follow the lines and make sure there are no gaps that lead into your home. If you do find some gaps, get the caulk and seal it up.

#6. Secure larger openings – If you know there may be holes in the roof but can’t afford a full repair, you should at least think about doing some spot repair in the meantime. Any large openings should be secured with wire mesh, like over the chimney. When the weather gets cooler pests start to look for warmer places to set up home. Don’t let them invade yours.

#7. Watch your food – Pests would love to be invitedfor dinner. But they are unwanted guests. Keep your pet food off the floor, and other foods sealed in containers. Clutter should also be kept out of the way. The more stuff you havelying around, the easier it will be for pests to hide and make their way into your home.

#8. Get rid of your rubbish properly – Any scraps of food you throw away would be a feast for a pest. So make sure your bins are properly sealed with a lid that is securely fastened at all times.Also bag all of your rubbish in individual plastic bags rather than just throwing it directly into the bin. Then you need to clean the inside of your bins regularly too.

#9. Keep moisture to a minimum – Insects often make their homes along foundations since it retains so much moisture. You can cut back on moisture around your home by storing wood, leaves and grass clippings away from your home. You can also contact a local pest exterminator to ask about insecticide control for pests if you are having problems with them.

#10. Encourage the birds – Althoughspilt bird seed can attract more furrypests, if you are vigilant about the seed you should encourage birds into your garden. Birds actually help with pest control since they eat such large amounts of insect species. Having trees and bushes will be the perfect place for birds to build their nests. You may also want to leave them fresh water when the weather is warm, and install abird seed or nectar feeder.


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