Thursday, 24 August 2017

Swimming Pool Solutions for Smaller Spaces

There is nothing like taking a dip in your own pool on a hot summer day. However, there is one particular problem you don’t know how to solve. You have the means and will to put a pool in your backyard, but you don’t have the space. Fortunately, people are resourceful thinkers. This is a unique problem but you don’t have to look around too much to find swimming pool solution for smaller spaces.

Swim spas

You could marry the lack of space with comfort and add a swim-spa to your backyard. It’s an ideal solution if you don’t have enough space and it’s an amazing solution for single people or entire families. It’s basically a smaller pool with a bridge that separates smaller spa section from the rest of the water. It comes with ample seating space and it’s a perfect hot-spot for relaxation after a hard day at work. Spa jets meant to massage you come with a variety of settings. In most cases, it is built to accommodate six adults, though if we are talking about children’s birthday party, it will probably hold more than ten children.

Plunge pools

This is a good solution if the space in your backyard is exceptionally small. Typically, this sort of pool won’t take up too many square meters from your yard but they will be appropriately deep, usually filled with cold water in order to invigorate your body. This way, you can enjoy a pool experience as if it’s a full-sized swimming pool. Even swim jets can be added in order to offer increased resistance for you to swim against. It’s a fantastic exercise. These pools are usually very durable and safe, with walls made of fiberglass.

Lap pools

Lap pools are fantastic variant for people who want to power-swim after work. It is very specifically designed for those who don’t have necessary backyard space but want to exercise, just like in the case of plunge pools. Contemporary lap pools offer a single depth throughout (dual entry steps, if they are even added, are really narrow), and they usually cover a great length but only enough elbow space for one person to swim. Maximum width is usually around 2.5 meters. The design is functional and practical, a fantastic solution for focused and hard-working individuals who enjoy healthy recreation.

Freeform pools

Freeform pools are truly unique beasts. They usually require creative input from the owner of the household, but you can also hire the help of professionals to assess the space and see what’s the best type of shape and size for you. The key feature of building freeform pools in your small backyard is versatility of shape and form. Irregular shapes and organic, natural style can also serve as a form of decoration to your yard. Likewise, these pools are usually made from natural materials (usually rocks) and designed to emulate the look of naturally occurring pond or a spring. These sorts of pools are not only recreational zones, they can also be turned into your own Zen hideouts.

Courtyard pools

Courtyard pool is mostly an umbrella term. This sort of pool offers features that mostly combine some of the above-mentioned additions. These solutions are ideal for cramped-up backyards and they are designed with multi-purpose modes in mind. They can serve for comfort and physical activity, depending on your mood. Swim jet systems, spa jets, seating areas, depth, it is all modifiable for your desired experience. Some of these courtyard pools can even be added to an interior, if you live in a sizeable mansion that take up most of the space on your lot.

No matter why your backyard space is limited, it doesn’t mean you should give up on adding a pool to your area. The solutions are numerous and the designs are feasible. After all, your backyard is your own small kingdom, and nothing should stop you from creating a little getaway from daily worries that perfectly suits your sensibilities. 


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