Saturday, 9 July 2016

10 Upscale Ways to Make Over Terra-Cotta Pots

The container that displays plants should be as much of an art piece as the flowers or foliage within it. These creative makeovers turn thrifty terra-cotta pots into upscale vessels worthy of a prominent place in your home or garden.

1. Gold Spray Paint

Adding shine to basic plant pots can be done in a flash with a simple can of gold spray paint. The gold paint takes on the texture of the pot and can give a variety of finishes, from a matte gold-leaf glimmer to a brilliant mirrorlike shine. See the many looks you can get with gold paint, and choose your favorite at Garden Therapy.

2. Decoupaged Fabric

Classic black-and-white graphics always add an upscale look that suits a modern aesthetic. This pot was wrapped with striped fabric for a quick and gorgeous mod makeover. See how Sara created it with cost-effective materials at Tell Love and Party.

3. Decoupaged Napkins

There's no reason that starting seeds can't be pretty. A decoupage project and floral napkins were all some basic pots needed for the big reveal. See how Aniko made them at Place of My Taste.

4. Antique Plaster

Forget the high price tag for antique-looking French pots -- these are new terra-cotta pots disguised to look like pieces of history. With a plaster treatment and some paint, Lucy used her artistic touch to make copycats of a pricy version she coveted. See the transformation at Craftberry Bush.

5. Image Transfer

A vintage look can also be achieved with whitewashing and an image transfer. The beauty of this design is that it can be printed right from your computer. See the DIY plus get six gorgeous designs to print at Climer Photography.

6. Permanent Marker

A coat of white paint and a gold permanent marker are all it took to make this ritzy herringbone-pattern planter. A neutral gold and white pot makes a strong statement in the garden filled with moody hens-and-chicks. See how Krista styles her herringbone planters throughout the seasons on The Happy Housie.

7. Faux-Stone Spray

Here is a planter that would be right at home at the beach house. This simple DIY would take all of 10 minutes to complete using hot glue, scallop shells, and faux-stone spray. The paint treatment is intended to look like sand, bringing the beach theme to land. See how it was made atConfessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer.

8. Pastel Chalk Paint

These modern pastel-painted pots are a softer way to welcome the hot summer days out in the garden. It reminds me of ice cream cones and sidewalk chalk, a nod to childhood pleasures and long summer days. Make these pastel planters with chalk paint and you can label your plants, too. Get the instructions at Home-ology Modern Vintage.

9. Succulent Centerpiece

Terra-cotta doesn't need to be covered for an upscale look; it can all be in how the display is put together. This tremendous transformation takes inexpensive materials and various-size flowerpots to create a table centerpiece that will make guests swoon. See how it's made on Garden Therapy.

10. Beverage Display

Up your outdoor entertaining display with DIY serveware made from garden pots. This summery beverage-dispenser stand was a simple makeover with a grand appeal. See how Debbie made it and get the instructions at Refresh Restyle.

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