Monday, 20 March 2017

Interior Painting Tips for Home Sellers

Painting is a good way to stage a property for selling. However, home sellers who paint their home's interior must take special steps to ensure that the paint is correctly applied. Using good quality materials and preparing the room for paint is important.

Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like beige, gray and brown have universal appeal and can match most furnishings, which makes them the best choice for most home sellers trying to stage their property for buyers. When selecting paint colors for your home, don't forget to paint samples on the walls before choosing the right shade for your needs.

Prep All Surfaces

Prepping a room for paint can be a lengthy and involved process. Skipping these steps can lead to a sloppy paint job, which can detract from your home staging efforts when buyers come to look at your property. 

  • Pull all furniture away from the wall, or put all furniture in another room. 
  • Remove all nails and screws.
  • Fill in all holes with spackling.
  • Allow the spackling to dry, then sand the surface until it's smooth.
  • Remove other items attached to the wall.
  • Wash all walls to remove dust and spider webs.
  • Use painter's tape to secure tarps to the floor. 
  • Take down all curtains. 

Use Tape, But Don't Rely On It

Painter's tape can be used to make neat edges and lines. However, paint can run beneath painter's tape, which means that relying heavily upon this tool can result in bleeds and runs that destroy the straight edge. "Cutting in" is the term that painters use to create straight edges without painter's tape. DIY painters must practice cutting in before they can do it well. Putting painter's tape along the edge that you plan to paint can help you create a straight line as you cut in.   

Buy Quality Materials 

The difference between a good paint job and a so-so paint job is often in the quality of materials. Good paint brushes create smoother lines and provide better coverage, while quality paints requires fewer coats. Even good quality tarps do a better job of protecting floors and furnishings. To make your paint job as good as possible, buy quality paint materials.   

Work From the Top Down

Start painting at the ceiling, and work down to the floor. This prevents the paintbrush from picking up dust and grit around the floor and spreading it all over the walls. 

Know When to Prime

Primer isn't always necessary, but there are times when priming your walls can ensure a better finished product.

Prime the walls when:

  • The walls are stained.
  • The current paint on the walls is very dark or is a color that bleeds (like red).
  • There is a patched area on the walls. 
  • The type of paint being applied to the walls differs from the type of paint that is already on the walls. 

Save Time for Touch Ups

When the paint job is finished, it's likely that there will be some patches that need more paint. Leave your painting materials out for a few days after the paint job is finished, and perform touch ups as necessary. When looking for areas that need to be touched up, view the walls in different qualities of light and at different times of the day.

Performing touch ups, using good quality materials and preparing the surface for paint are all ways to ensure that your home looks the best it can with its new coat of paint. Taking the time to paint your walls right can help you stage your home to sell. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How to Make Your Rental Property Look Like New

With newly refurbished one-bedroom rental flats bucking the London-wide trend of falling rents during the final months of 2016, we thought there might be a few landlords who would like to see their achievable rents rise too. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of ways to make your rental property look like it’s been refurbished, but without actually doing all that work.

“While it’s not advisable to conduct a complete overhaul between every tenant, if a long-term tenant has just vacated your property and it needs a little TLC anyway, it’s always a good idea to make the property more welcoming,” said Andrew Reeves, Pimlico estate agent. “Hopefully a few thoughtful changes and improvements will help to refresh and impress, without all of the work that can go with a full refurbishment.”


Eyes on the Bathroom and Kitchen

Yes, we know, those are often the most expensive rooms to improve. And you’re right. But, they’re also the rooms that are important to prospective tenants, which means any money you spend will attract a relative reward and also last for some time.

If the bath and/or shower unit are clean, in excellent working order and can be left untouched, fine, leave them be. However, a new floor or medicine cabinet along with some matching accessories and even a new toilet lid, will help create an air of cleanliness and newness in the smallest room.


For the Kitchen, it might not be quite so easy, but, you can still make a difference with fewer changes than you might think. Again, a new floor covering will work wonders. But, in a kitchen people are always interested in the white goods, while kitchen cupboards make up a big part of the walls.

That means you need to have a good look at your existing appliances and if they’ve been in situ for a number of years, replace them with new ones. Yes, you’re talking about a few hundred pounds of electricals, but they will last for some years and are sure to impress on viewings.

Kitchen cupboards are trickier. Not only is it a fiddly job but it can become expensive too. If the doors themselves are in good working order, still hanging evenly and aren’t damaged then you could simply replace the handles.

“If your rental property was originally fitted to a good or high standard then many of the details we’re discussing here should have plenty of life left in them,” said Eden Harper, Brixton estate agent. “However, people like their home to look good and if you want to attract the best tenant you can, it’s worth your while budgeting for a property makeover between tenants, even if it’s just a minor one.”

What About the Living Areas and Bedrooms?

These are areas you can dress to look impressive at relatively little cost, so it’s something you should definitely do. While carpets can be inexpensive, if the one that’s already down is fine, consider a nice, small rug, just to add a that ‘new’ look.


A stylish mirror, clock or light fitting can also make a real difference to a living room, hallway or bedroom. It can draw the eye on viewings and make a prospective tenant think you, the landlord, has spent some time – and money – on making the place look good and feel like a new (-ish) property.


“Of course, if you don’t go for the whole refurbishment with newly plastered walls and brand new bathroom suites, then no-one is going to think you have conducted a full refurb,” said Robert Holmes estate agent based in Wimbledon. “But, with just a few touches you can show potential tenants that you do take care of your properties and that’s sure to (hopefully) impress the right ones.”

Monday, 6 February 2017

Interior Design Trends for the New Year

For many of you, the long, cold days can make you think of nothing more than getting to your cosy home and enjoying some warmth and comfort. If, however, when you get home and find it’s not the cosy haven you were dreaming of, we can help you find the perfect solution with our tips on the latest interior design trends.

interior for home

“It’s amazing what a difference a change to your interior décor can make to the feeling of a room, or even a whole house,” said Proskips, a nationwide skip hire. “That can be particularly true at this colder time of year.”

Neutral Greys and Deep Rich Blues

While greys and blues might make you think of the cold, when you use the right shades and textures you can create a cosy room, den or corner more easily than you think. Use soft, grey rugs or throws and blankets and combine them with deep blue cushions.

Not only will the colours complement each other, the different textures and materials will make you want to snuggle up and relax while the wind, rain and snow rages outside.

Bold Woollen Knits

Another way to warm up your home is to add some bold, cable knit accessories. Cushions covered with a wool, cable knit design are tactile and snug which encourages people to sit down and get a fire going!

Another way to incorporate the woollen knit trend is on blankets and throws or even the edging of a rug. Adding the woollen look is a guaranteed way to encourage everyone – including you – to sit down and get warm!

“Using different materials that evoke thoughts of keeping cosy when its cold outside is the perfect way to warm up your home, or chosen room,” said Kubie Gold Associates, estate agent based in Pimlico. “It’s also something you can do relatively easily, as these items are readily available in stores and online. And if you don’t think they’re quite right for the summer time, store them away carefully then get them out once the autumn weather turns wintry, later on in the year.”

home interior

How About Something a Bit Different?

If greys, blue and woollen touches aren’t your style, there’s no need to worry. Statement design is very much alive and well, offering another pretty easy way to instantly change the look of a room. You can add a great looking chair with a wonderful back or unique seat cover.

Another option is to go for a statement mirror or light fitting. If you choose the right one, both those items can draw the eyes of all who enter your room and make a real impact on them. Indeed, if you find a statement design piece that you fall in love with, it will probably make you feel differently about the room you put it in and maybe even your entire home.

interior design

The one thing with statement design items is that they can come in on the more expensive side. But, if you love it and can see yourself showing it off for a long time, then it’s an investment worth making.

“Most of us spend a lot of time in our homes and it’s easy for us to feel jaded with the décor and design we’ve chosen, sometimes years earlier,” said Denhan Guaranteed Rent. “If you really want to make a change, it can often be easier to do than you think. Just a few key changes really can make all the difference both to the way your home looks and the way you feel when you’re there.”

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Completely Alter The Look Of Your Abode With Modern Chandeliers!

A home with an aesthetic effect is often considered to be a healthy place that not only gives pleasure to the eyes¸but, a level of satisfaction to the mind too. Today, it has become a trend to add contemporary home interior designs and an architectural touch to your place to reflect the life trends. Gone are the days, when there was a time to hang a number of home décor items to the homes and big mansions to make your place look gleaming.


However, now the trend has been changed drastically. People nowadays are preferring the best and the limited accessories to decorate their place. The classy and highly stylish range of lighting fixtures these days are the best choice by  many to makeover or renovate their each and every room.One can add extra mood lighting by making a selection of classic chandeliers that make a great way to create an ambiance of your place. Here, this article is going to be a great help to those who have a dream to live in a home which is decorated with the beautiful lighting effects. Before you plan to give your home a new look, never overlook an idea of creating an appeal to your home.  Whenever you shop for the modern chandeliers, be clear with the type of lighting effect that you want in your room.


An array of Modern Chandeliers is an essential element of home decoration. There is no better way to add colors to each and every corner of your home, then the addition of the lighting fixtures with eye-catching and pleasing colors.;

The growing competition in the market is making the customers confused with the number of brands. Each brand has its own uniqueness with the exclusive designs, styles, colors, modest proportions, sizes and more.

The aesthetically designed modern chandeliers with the metal finish make you feel ‘wow’.  To get the finest model of chandeliers, that match the interiors of your place is undoubtedly hard. But, to offer every customer a user-friendly experience, there are scores of online stores that help you set the right balance in your rooms, living rooms, and other places.  Always put more focus on the architectural elements, product qualities, technology embedded and other things that can have a direct impact on your purchase.  Take a look at the variety of chandeliers online:

  • Fluted Cylinder LED Chandelier
  • Trough Chandelier+Flushmount
  • Mobile Chandelier
  • Capiz Tiered Chandelier
  • Capiz Round Pendant White
  • Acrylic Framework Chandelier

Well, if you want to capture the attention of all, then start your hunt for the trendy and elegant chandeliers today. From the wide assortment of quality and decorative chandeliers, you can grab the best ones to hang them in a foyer to create the most captivating environment. Visit, the reputed online store and place your order for the modern chandelier within your pocket!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Designing Your Dining Room

Holding a dinner event at your own home is something I have always enjoyed and presents a great opportunity to show off your culinary skills and house design to your guests.  The eating place is a room of entertainment, and a such is important to make it a showcase room for visitors and yourself to enjoy.

Thanks to a career working in hospitality I have been privileged to see some of the most unique private dining rooms in top restaurants across the UK. That link will take you to the first UK private dining room directory, which has doubled up as a great source of inspiration for my personal designs! I’ve also found this collection of dining room imagesa great source of inspiration when needing new ideas.

In modern homes, kitchen-diners have become increasingly popular with open plan designs. You’ll often find a kitchen island, or a chef’s table in bigger kitchens, where food can be served, allowing for great interaction between guests, and you, the chef.

More traditionally, a separate dining room is still commonplace, and brings a more formal feel to a dinner event.

Whether your dining space is part of the Kitchen, or has its own room in the house, there are a number of elements to get right which can transform your dining experience.

Dining room styles at most houses in the UK can be broken down into three categories; Traditional,  Modern and  Country. In the city, modern design is more common, in the country, naturally the Country style, but Traditional can be found in both urban and suburban areas. The design elements below are important to all styles.

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements to get right. You need to consider whether your dining space will be used more in light hours or dark, and plan accordingly. Often we anticipate and ‘taste’ food with our eyes before eating, so good visibility is key to a multi-sense dining experience. Having said that, the option to increase and decrease lighting through dimmers, or sidelights, is important for mood setting. Low level lighting is more common in traditional style dining rooms, while modern design will focus on bringing more light to the space.

Naturally when considering a dining space the first thing most people consider is a dining table and chairs. While it may seem nice to have a matching set of table and chairs this is by no means a prerequisite. In fact even the chairs themselves don’t have to match. I have seen some fantastic modern dining rooms using 3 or more styles of chair for one table!

Chairs can always been added, but it’s harder to extend a table so consider purchasing a drop/extension leaf table that allows you to increase or decrease size according to guest numbers. When taking space measurements make sure you consider elbow and serving space.

Be bold and add your own style to your dining space and make it individual. This doesn’t have to be a drastic change and can be something as simple as the cutlery or the place mats. One of the smallest but most memorable features from a recent dining experience of mine, was chalk place mats which had the menu written on!

Hopefully this has given you a good starting point, but it’s important now for you to get creative and have fun with your own designs!   

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Stay Safe at Night. Don't Be in the Dark

Most children are afraid of the dark, and it is natural to experience fear when one cannot see one’s surroundings. Some people overcome this fear, yet there are others that will always insist on a small amount of light in the bedroom. It isn’t just the fear of the unknown, trying to move around in the dark is very dangerous, especially near staircases and furniture. Often the lighting is such that a person must walk across the room to reach the light switch, and that is when accidents are more likely to happen.

The exterior lighting also plays an important role in safety, and larger residences may have areas that are in complete darkness. Add some rain to the lack of visibility and a dangerous environment is waiting for an accident to happen.

LED solutions

Light emitting diodes have brought a breath of fresh air into the lighting industry, with a wide range of low power - high output solutions that are also eco-friendly. LED lighting can come in strips, which are easily attached to the undersides of furniture edges, or window frames, and can provide a small amount of light which is ideal for the night time. Modern shopping means you can get your lighting online, and with a wide range of styles, sizes, and colours, there is something to suit every room. Tradition lights tend to offer either a full illumination, or none at all, but with LED units, subtle levels of light can easily be attained.

Remote access

Modern lighting solutions allow for remote adjustment, and this is especially useful in outside areas, or perhaps in the bedroom before sleeping. Dimmer switches are a good idea, as they not only provide the right amount of light, they also save on electricity.

Outside lighting

If a property has large grounds, walking around at night can be dangerous, and with motion sensor lighting, one can safely negotiate paths and steps, as the lights automatically come on when the sensor picks up any significant movement. A cat would not trigger the lighting, but a person certainly would, and this also provides an extra deterrent against intruders. For the best outdoor lights in Sydney, there are online suppliers with a wide range of lighting solutions for the home or business.

Modern solutions

LED strips can be placed alongside pathways, giving adequate floor-level lighting that adds a warm glow to the garden, and they also look stunning when hanging in trees and shrubs. LED uses a tiny amount of power when compared to a traditional incandescent bulb, which is another reason why LED is so popular. Low power consumption means a single cable can supply a host of exterior connections, keeping the bills down.

Modern lighting allows one to be creative, and with some careful planning and a good online supplier, it is possible to cover all areas of the property, and if no one is left in the dark, the home will be a safer place for all the family.

Transform your House into the Dream Home

As the years go by, the home seems to become smaller, when in actual fact, the occupants accumulate more items, and with additions to the family, space can be a problem. Finding a bigger house might work, but many are reluctant to leave the home that has seen such cherished memories, and with a lot of time and money spent on making it just right, perhaps it is a better idea to extend.

home renovation

Home extensions

The property can be added to with an extension on the ground floor, or by adding a second storey, which would give the homeowner several more rooms. It is wise to talk to a reputable builder who specialises in renovation and extension work on domestic homes. For Western Australians, it makes sense to choose Addstyle as your renovation company, as they have been in the business for more than thirty years, and can design the ideal extension for any structure.

The perfect blend

Adding to a property means keeping in line with the existing structure, and this is something your local builder should be able to do. Most materials can be sourced and with modern coating solutions, the entire property can have the same classic look.

The red tape

Adding to a building requires local government approval, and this can be a bit daunting to the average homeowner. A reputable builder would handle all the paperwork and with a quick approval, the project can get underway without delay. The builder can advise on all aspects of the extension, and with careful planning, the project will be completed on time, and to budget.

The right partner

A building renovation company will be well versed in all aspects of residential construction, and very often the work can be completed without causing the occupants too much inconvenience. The summer months are ideal for this type of work, and hopefully the project will be finished before the colder weather sets in. An established builder will be fully insured, and will have access to all the specific equipment needed for the various stages of the work, enabling a smooth transition.

Al fresco outdoor areas

One might prefer to have something that is primarily used in the summer months, and with the right awnings and screens, the ideal outdoor dining area can be added to the side or rear of the property, giving the occupants added living space that is perfect for lazy brunches or entertaining in the evenings.

The budget

Of course, how much money one can afford to spend will determine the outcome, but one should not skimp on such a major home improvement. Many people use the equity in their homes to pay for the additional rooms, and this allows one to keep those savings for a rainy day. Once the builder knows the budget, they can begin to make suggestions on how best to create that ideal extra living space.

The dream home is within everyone’s reach, as long as one enlists the help of an experienced contractor, who can turn the dream into reality.